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The department of Public Health Dentistry deals with preventive, promotive and curative oral health services at mass level (Community level). Primary prevention, that is preventing oral disease before its onset, is one prime area of focus. This department is presently headed by Dr Nagesh L. The department has undergone renovation couple of times, the last renovation was done in the year 2007 and the OHEC (Museum) was thoroughly renovated in 2016.

The department offers comprehensive oral health care for the patients, which includes health education, pit and fissure sealant application, topical fluoride application, glass ionomer cement restorations, amalgam and composite restorations, pulp therapies, extractions and referral to other specialty departments. The department also conducts outreach programmes to reach the rural population, where it conducts health awareness sessions and also provides preventive and curative services.

The department also conducts exclusive oral health awareness programs to make the public aware of the importance of maintaining good oral health. Customized programs like AIDS awareness program, Anti tobacco campaigns, WHO day, World Oral Hygiene Day are observed and conducted on relevant dates in the calendar. These programs sensitize, educate and spread the message across the target population. Teachers, ASHA workers and Senior citizens were specially invited to undergo training related to maintenance of oral hygiene, oral health and also general health. Certain health awareness programs are also conducted specially for school children wherein the children are educated about how to maintain good oral hygiene. Health education is given for certain special groups like pregnant and lactating mother, diabetics, and hemophiliacs.

“Imparting Public Health Knowledge and Skills to Students through Community Based Activities”