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An unquenchable thirst to excel, untiring strive to achieve, limited facilities, inadequate manpower and yet a huge vision. Such was the department's stand in its initial years of birth in the year 1980. Ever since its inception, the orthodontic unit is witnessing a steady progress in all dimensions so as to evolve into an absolute wholesome. After its 35 years voyage of trials and errors, the department today stands proud featuring state of art facilities, sophisticated gadgets and high quality materials in a refined operational ambience coupled with streamlined administration all making it one of a kind.
Having started its orthodontic service in a petite setting with a single dental chair, the department's high ambition has led to its phenomenal growth today featuring 25fully automated dental chairs, an exclusive sterilization corner for effective infection control, a material store ensuring uninterrupted supply of dental and orthodontic materials all functioning in a spacious floor of over 15000 sq. ft with just one purpose: quality patient care.
The Department’s academic and clinical functions are interrelated through its 8 wings:


  1. The Clinic plus lab
  2. Orthognathic and cleft clinic
  3. Store
  4. Patient Record Section
  5. Audio- Visual
  6. Computer Work Station
  7. Clinical Photography
  8. Interaction Halls