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Conservative dentistry & Endodontics is considered to be one of the branches that make up the cream of dentistry. It consists of procedures and techniques that require a lot of precision, skill and definitely logical reasoning.

The branch includes invasive along with minimal intervention techniques. “Conservation and Preservation” are the two key words around which the branch revolves. Esthetics in today’s society is of prime importance and this branch deals with this part of the dentistry too.

The objective of this branch is to minimally invade the tissues and preserve as much as the natural tooth structure while getting rid of the disease process occurring in the tooth.

Dr. Mallikarjun Goud K.
Our Department believes in giving the best available treatment to the patients since its birth in 1980. It is very important to have a good patient-doctor rapport. So the patient is made well acquainted with the work place so that he/she is comfortable while undergoing the treatment. Patient’s time constraints are also taken into consideration, and the best possible treatment in the available time is duly provided to them. All the treatment options are put across to the patient while providing detail explanation to them regarding each.

The work done in the Department is of good quality, keeping in mind the latest concepts in the field of dentistry. The various procedures carried on include simple restorations to preserving and restoring a badly mutilated tooth. The students working in the department are given a free hand to work and all the facilities including the latest materials are provided. The treatments offered to patients are: Restorations of carious and non carious lesions, whitening of tooth (Bleaching), esthetic contouring , veneering of teeth, providing teeth with crowns, reattachment procedures, splinting of teeth, management of fractured teeth, single and multiple visit root canal treatment, periapical and corrective surgical procedures, endodontic implant placement. All these above are provided to the patient with utmost precision and care. All these cases treated in the Department are documented and followed up regularly. The department also owns the latest equipments like RVG, Apex locators, Instrument retrieval kits, electro cautry unit, Ultra sonic unit, obturation systems and many more. All in all, the Department is well equipped to provide the patients with best possible treatment and the students with the wide variety of materials and equipments to develop their skills. Apart from the clinical work, lot of research work and studies are carried on in the department. The students and staff actively participate in the national conferences and Conventions. A number of scientific paper and posters presented and many awards have been won by the post-graduate students and under-graduate students.

We also have been selected to carry on with the Post graduate Certificate Course in Endodontics course in the Department since this year (June 2009) which extends over a period of years. This course is affiliated to IGNOU (DCI recognized). The patient walking into the department always has a lot of expectations from the doctors, and our department always believes in satisfying their needs. A patient who walks into the Department of conservative dentistry and endodontics is usually the one in pain. So we also focus on providing the patient with a pain free treatment. A lot of stress is laid upon effective pain control modalities. Thus we provide the patient with a lot of social confidence which is seen through a radiant smile and a perfect esthetic set of teeth. Our prestigious institution, BDCH, started in the year 1979. Since then it has come a long way in providing academic excellence to the students. Our institution stands tall among the few best Dental colleges in India and is very well reputed both nationally and internationally for the quality of education it provides.

It’s my pride to say that BDCH has completed its Silver Jubilee in the year 2004 and is still progressing and looking forward for completing its Golden Jubilee. The college and the department has a very good library and internet facility. The college library has an excellent collection of latest text books and journals for reference. The institution also focuses on all round development of students, so extracurricular activities are also a part of the student’s time in the college during their course period.

The Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics focuses in future to develop more on the clinical procedures performed. Very soon the department will own a Dental Operating Microscope, so that the standard and Quality of work then would be at par with the international standards.

A separate surgical operating room will also be provided to the department by the college for the definite isolation and sterilization / disinfection of the cases performed. I can conclude that BDCH is definitely a mark of excellence in education.