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“It takes twenty years to make an overnight success” Eddie Cantor said. The department is no exception. With the purpose of turning mirrors into window we hereby in the department of Orthodontics reach out to each other which essentially forms the root of education. Thus promulgating our logo which is a crop of famous renaissance artist Michael Angelo’s fresco on the ceiling of Sistine chapel,Vatican City.

Dr. K. Sadashiva Shetty
 The Clinic offers quality orthodontic care to the public through its Post graduate students monitored meticulously by well qualified staffs.. All the services in orthodontics - prevention, interception and correction are offered here. Therapy ranges from no appliances sometimes to complex surgical orthodontics all derived from an uncompromised treatment strategy with profound importance to long term stability. Also it would not be exaggerating to say that the department had always been a trendsetter in implementing the latest updates and refinements in all areas of the subject from diagnosis to treatment techniques. Computerized patient entry through electronic data base, and entirely enabled WiFi for easy access are a few of its technical touches.
Over the years the Department of orthodontics has treated over 3000 satisfied patients of all ages and economic status. Nevertheless, the vision keeps amplifying and thus goes on our unquenchable thirst to excel and untiring strive to achieve.
Our motto is to create zest and passion among STUDENTS towards service and instill purpose of standard PATIENT care as the right blend of the two is the key to PROGRESS.