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The specialty of Oral Medicine and Radiology has taken a new shape during the recent years. The department reflects the progress of the specialty in itself beginning from the conventional investigation and treatment modalities to most advanced digital radiographic units. The clinical scope of Oral Medicine is extremely broad and there is close liaison with other clinical specialties of Medicine. It is said that thentist are concerned not with the treatment of teeth in a patient but the treatment of patient who have teeth. I hope that this is very much true and the fascination of Oral Medicine is that it may lead the clinician into to all the branches of Medicine and Dentistry. It is emphasized too often the patient attending for Dental treatment vary in their health. So keeping these things in mind, our specialist trains the students to diagnose and to formulate comprehensive treatment plan. I agree that this specialty has not made any much advancement when compare to western hemisphere. But we have made best our efforts to bring up the specialty in this institution. We are striving hard to promote the highest standards of care in the diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions and to promote Research and patient care in the field of oral medicine. We train the students to place the dental care within the context of the patients overall Health and circumstances.


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The department of Oral medicine and Radiology started functioning in the year 1979. From 1990 the department has started Post graduate course.

We have plans to make separate cancer and precancer detections centre, TMJ clinic and oro-facial pain centre and in Radiology to go in for Digital Radiography and to have Lasers to treat soft tissue lesions.
I, myself and my dedicated fellow colleagues are sincerely working in this regard to bring up the specialty and in turn the institution, the Bapuji Dental College & Hospital.