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Oral Pathology & Microbiology-Activity


Biochemical Section

Biochemical investigations include estimation of blood sugar level, blood electrolytes and blood chemistry using Transasia Erba Chem Pro Semiautomatic biochemical analyzer.

Urine analysis

Urine examination for its appearance and microscopy.

Vaccination Section

The department undertakes vaccination against Hepatitis B for the Teaching staff, Undergraduates, Postgraduates, Office staff, Para dental staff, Attainders, Peons etc.

Histopathology Section

Here the biopsy specimen is received, macroscopy of the same is done and recorded. The representative tissue bits are processed and sectioned with Leica 2155 soft tissue microtome. This follows staining Routine H&E staining, PAS staining, Toluidine blue staining and special staining includes Van-Geison staining, Masson Trichrome stain, Alcian Blue, Mucicarmin, Gordin & Sweets stain for Reticulin, Highmans Congo red, Alizarin red and Picrocirus staining are being done at present. These will definitely increased in coming days.

Cytology Section

The section helps the clinician in rapidly diagnosing the representative biopsy site. Here the received specimen is stained with rapid Papaniclou report is being given.

Microbiology Section

The microbiology section is one of the best-noted sections among the dental colleges of India. Here other than routine culture & sensitivity, many aerobic & anaerobic studies are being done regularly. Some of studies are sponsored by Multinational companies

Research Section

Research comprises creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge. It is used to establish or confirm facts, reaffirm the results of previous work. A research project may also be an expansion on past work in the field.  To complete this task the department is equipped with Leica DMRB Research Microscope and Leica stereomicroscope attached with Jenoptik digital camera installed with basic image analysis software. Leica DMRB Research Microscope has Phase contrast, Polarized, Interference, Fluorescent, Dark-field microscopic facilities. Using these facilities many studies have been completed. The research facilities were utilized by Dental fraternity within Karnataka as well as by other states. Even medical, textiles & engineering students have utilized the research facilities which are available in the department. There is nothing wrong in saying that this section is backbone of this esteemed dental institute. Research work, which were done in the department have been awarded in state & national level conferences.


Under Graduate Section

This laboratory is very well illuminated and aerated with a large surface area. This lab can accommodate 60 students easily. Here students are being taught the practical aspect of oral anatomy, histology, pathology & microbiology. This lab is equipped with 50 monocular light microscopes, which is being used to demonstrate the microscopic features of normal structures (65 slides) & diseases process (85 slides). There are good numbers of self-explanatory charts/models of normal & abnormal structures of oral region. The department conducts regular discussions, tests & mock exams so that they are prepared well for annual examination. Above all as the college emblem says, the budding dental professionals are being constructively motivated, inspired in the right direction to do their duties with dedication and discipline. The students are properly instigated to follow the strict asepsis in the clinics by explaining the live cases where asepsis was compromised. The extra-curricular activities of the students are identified, nurtured, inspired, supported, appreciated & provided the right platform to go ahead with their talent. The Rajiv Gandhi University Examination result in the last exam is 91%, which is self-explanatory regarding the training.

This museum has unique collection of study models, hard & soft tissue specimens which are neatly displayed in separate sections like dental anatomy, comparative dental anatomy, developmental disturbances, pathological lesions based on various etiologies. This is very useful for the undergraduates to understand the normal & disease process in a better way. As the saying Seeing is believing, many a times the patients are getting motivated to quit the bad habits after seeing the museum.