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"Prevention is better than cure" in every possible aspect. To reduce the suffering, disability, handicap & unnecessary expenditure for any country, the best method is prevention. The same is true for Oral Health. In a vast country like ours, to make people aware of Oral Health, education is the only primary level of prevention and if done correctly it can really work wonders towards reduction in incidence of diseases. For the same purpose the department of Community Dentistry is ever on the move. The Postgraduate training program in the specialty of Community Dentistry is available only in the state of Karnataka and ours is one of the pioneers among the 6 institutions providing the same.
Under-graduate clinic

The College has an annual intake of 100 students which are sub-divided into 9 batches of around 12 students each. The department is equipped with 6 chairs for the Under-Graduate training program which deals with preventive procedures which can be applied in clinical situations and recording indices.
Oral health and motivation section

This is a separate section which is part of Department of Community Dentistry. Patients and visitors coming to the college are benefited from it as it gives useful information about common oral problems, their prevention, treatment etc. They are also taught how to take care of oral hygiene, misconceptions about diseases etc in the regional language. It is equipped with a Television, Music system and a VCR which are used for imparting health information and motivation.