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The department has separate undergraduate and post graduate clinics functioning independently
Under graduate Clinic

The department has a well equipped undergraduate clinic with 21 dental units and chars exclusively for the pre final and the final year B.D.S., students. The day today out patient in put ranges from 45 - 50 and the number of treated cases per day range up to 50. The clinical curriculum for the undergraduates include silver amalgam restorations, composite restorations, GIC pulp capping, Root canal treatment. Being exposed to the clinics for the best time, students are constantly guided toward better patient management
Post graduate Clinic

This section boasts of having the most sophisticated kavo units including the latest fiber optic and ultrasonic units. It has its own x - ray unit and an automatic developer. The treatment rendered by the post graduates include complex amalgam and composite restorations (Pin and bonded), bleaching of vital and nonvital teeth, veneering, cast restorations (Inlays, Onlays, Crown), RCT, hemisection, apicectomy, intentional implantation.

We strictly adhere to the idea of high levels of sterilization for both UG and PG clinics. The units include hand piece sterilizer, kavoclave autoclave glass bead sterilizer, ultra sonic cleaning unit.