welcome to Bapuji Dental College & Hospital

Fired by the zeal to create world class institutions, Bapuji Dental rnCollege was founded in the year 1979 by Mr. Shamanur Shivashankarappa. rnGuided by great visionaries in Indian Dentistry, the college has grown rnin leaps and bounds and recently celebrated its silver jubilee in 2004. rnThe college is now headed by Dr. K Sadashiva Shetty, one of India’s rnleading face in orthodontics. He is the transformational guardian in rnmaking the college from being one among India’s best dental colleges to rnthat of Asia’s..

If the infrastructure is the body of an rninstitution, the teaching staff form the soul for it. Bapuji is blessed rnwith a sound soul and body. Armed with many years of teaching and rnresearch experience, Bapuji possesses one of the brilliant set of rnfaculty in India.



This college has been one of the most vibrant and dynamic rninstitutions in the field of dental education. It has nurtured hundreds rnof dentists to reach the zenith of their profession. From time rnimmemorial, India has been a Mecca of knowledge, education and rnenlightenment. Bapuji Dental College, since its inception in 1979, has rnmade an immense contribution to this legacy. The state of the art rninstitute offers students the best possible clinical education rncomplemented by opportunities in research and community service.

Bapujirn Dental College boasts one of the finest lab facilities to impart rnliberal clinically oriented teaching on par with the best. The freshers rnare trained in the sophisticated phantom head labs, fitted with 100 rndental workstations for pre-clinical training simulating dental rntreatment. The college is also well equipped with a Ceramic Lab for rncrown and bridge fabrication to gain technical skills in dentistry.

Thern college also prides itself with a huge library set with good rnventilation and illumination - a perfect setting for avid readers. The rnlibrary is well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the rnform of CD-ROM, online databases, video cassettes, books, journals, backrn volumes of journals, theses, WHO publications etc. It’s a one stop rnresource center for the student from all forms references of to rnprintouts and to binding.

Bapuji Dental College is one among the rnvery few Indian colleges doing research projects for US based rnInternational companies like GC International, 3M ESPE(USA), rnBiohorizons(USA) and the like. Various research projects have been rncarried out in all the specialities of dentistry and published in rnrespected peer-reviewed journals.

With its grand infrastructure, rnexcellent faculty and mature guidance, Bapuji Dental College is a rnreminiscence of ancient India’s educational centers of excellence. It’s rnthe ultimate destination in India for a student in search of dental rneducational excellence